product presentation

concept / direction / 3d / stop-motion / post-production /


Being assigned to realize the official expo 2015 coin, Picchiani & Barlacchi, an old time client, decided to realize a video presentation for their prestigious assignment. The coin was thought to bear the values of Expo 2015 itself. "Feeding the planet - energy for life" was the concept driving the whole exposition and the coin designers came out with a project that was putting togeter different natural elements from the different continents in one unique design. My aim was to deliver a video able to be representative of the creative process behind the making of.


I wanted to represent the creative process behind the making of the coin as a sudden glimpse and I wanted the action to be urgent as urgent was the concept behind the exposition, 'cause we have to "feed the planet" and we have to do it right now. I went on with the decision to figure out the precise moment in which inspiration came in and things start to happen.
I started figuring out an alternate montage in which natural elements and the designer's hands were melting in a unique vision. I thought the coin to be self-generated as ignited by the designer's inspiration and coming to life togeter with all the natural elements it represent. Once defined a storyline and storyboarded it, the hard work came: I must find the right technical solution to suits time and budget. After a quick evaluation I opted for a mix of solution putting togeter a bit of 3D and some stop-motion animation. The video was shooted on trails to give more dynamics to the unique setting where the action was taking place.

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